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Renewable Energy Systems

Solar DHW Heating System Diagram (left) shows a typical layout of the components of a System.

This can be combined with other forms of heating so that when sunlight is less intense or lasting, the supporting system will increase the water temperature to the desired level.

Support Heating can be from:-

  • Log Burner with Back Boiler
  • Wood Chip Burner
  • Heat Pump System
  • Gas Boiler
  • Oil Boiler





Grant Sahara Solar Water Heating Panels

Sahara Water Heating Panels can be mounted on Pitched or Flat Roofs


Under Floor Heating Pipes

Under Floor Heating Pipes can have heat supplied to them from all types of heat sources, but are particularly useful for low heat sources such as Ground Source Heat Pumps and Small Scale Solar Panels

Grant PV Panels on Roof


Grant Mono Solar Photo-Voltaic Panels

Electricity from Sunlight

Qualifies for Feed In Tariff Payments

More details on request